School Lunches E2

One of the problems with school lunches over the last decade or so has been the steady uptick in sugar and refined carbohydrates while the amount of protein and fat were drastically reduced. The fear of fat has impacted our children in negative ways and given sugar a free pass in all of our foods.… Continue reading School Lunches E2

School Lunches E1

Let me first say that I totally understand whatever has brought you to utilize school lunches. Times right now are hard and being able to save even a few dollars from each day’s food budget can and does add up quickly. There is never a reason to feel shame or embarrassment with picking up your… Continue reading School Lunches E1

School Lunches

When Covid hit and all our kids came home to distance learn, the school system decided to create “Grab and Go” sack lunches. These lunches include a breakfast, chocolate milk, white milk, lunch entrĂ©e, a fruit, and a vegetable. These lunches are similar to those you can get during the summer and are usually too… Continue reading School Lunches

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