School Lunches

School Lunches

When Covid hit and all our kids came home to distance learn, the school system decided to create “Grab and Go” sack lunches. These lunches include a breakfast, chocolate milk, white milk, lunch entrée, a fruit, and a vegetable. These lunches are similar to those you can get during the summer and are usually too small for older kids and unappetizing to all kids. We appreciate the food but had to find a way to make the free meals more palatable.

I set out to not only make the meals taste better but to be more filling for my older children and to also feed the adults and non school aged children. With these recipes and videos I will show you how to take school lunches (or the very low cost ingredients the public school includes in said lunches) to feed your whole family for less than a dollar a day per person.

The Rules

All foods in a lunch are used throughout the week. Food waste is rampant and I won’t add to that.

I will add low cost extras to the meals to add nutritional value, increase yield, and appeal to our children’s palettes.

$1 per person per day. I round up from the prices I spend or use current prices for foods I have grown myself.

Grace. I am trying. My kids are trying. The whole world is trying and we need to give a little grace in all things and to everyone.

With our nation and the world heading towards an economically difficult time and our finances stretched to the limits, I understand that the person who prepares the food is often the one asked to trim the budget. I get the need to scrape as much from the category of food as possible so that other bills get paid. I hope to provide resources and recipes that will help you feed your family for as little money as possible while still keeping them full and healthy. The next post will be Episode 1 of these meals and you wont want to miss the transformation from what we were given to what we actually ate!

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